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What We Do.

Energy tariff an integrated energy management consultancy and brokerage. In simple terms, we help you navigate the complexities of the UK energy market to save you time and money. We provide expert advice to help you compare the various options for electricity and gas, make immediate savings on your energy costs.Most importantly, we combine our expertise and market knowledge with the unique needs of your business to ensure you get the best possible solution and savings.

If you are moving to a new premises, you will want to secure an energy tariff  that is capable of meeting all the needs of your business. You can rely on us to
give you a great range of choices.


When it comes to renewal,
our first priority is to negotiate on renewal prices with your same supplier. But If you’re thinking of switching energy suppliers then we will also take care of the whole process for you for a smooth transfer.

We help multi site clients each year to save money and massive amounts of administration time by arranging consolidated electricity and gas contracts. Our team can talk to you through your options regarding setting up a group account.

Compare gas and electric tariffs

Energy tariff analysis is the easiest way to save money on your gas and electricity bills. Our service is completely free, and we’ve saved our members millions of pounds already.

We will compile prices from all suppliers, and provide you with a report showing the best available options, along with market-leading. No one can predict where prices will go, The Great thing about using us Is that you can talk through your options at any time and get information about price trends.

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Why choose us.

Our primary goal is to deliver reliable utility management that promises exceptional service and unrivaled results.

A trusted, independent energy consultant acts as an intermediary between commercial energy suppliers and businesses, delivering a number of key benefits.

Our service is 100% obligation-free
We expect to identify a saving in 95% of cases
Ongoing analysis and advice to continue identifying savings opportunities

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Save Time & Money

energy tariff business energy

At ENERGY TARIFF we use our many years of experience to help public and private sector businesses reduce and manage their utility bills, by providing an independent procurement and consultancy service. Our energy procurement process is simple, swift, and effective, requiring very little of your time

Energy Audit

energy tariff business gas

We have a full range of pre-approved suppliers of energy-saving measures that we have used successfully on a range of projects to deliver the required solutions to the highest of standards. With a simple audit and consultation, we can identify savings and efficiencies that will help your business grow whilst cutting costs.

Tailored Benefit

energy tariff business energy

While your new energy contract may only be for a short, fixed period, we are committed to delivering your business cost savings over the long term. Our experts will also compare the additional benefits that suppliers are offering to best suit your company’s needs. We focus on delivering economical supply arrangements.

British gas
Npower electricity and gas
SSE gas
opus energy
eon energy

What type of business are you.

We help businesses of all sizes from a range of sectors

Small and medium businesses
Easy-to-manage business energy solutions for SMEs and sole traders.

Large business & public sector
Business energy solutions for the public sector, corporates and consortiums.

Switching energy suppliers couldn’t be easier.

If you’re a business owner, it’s only natural that you’ll be concerned with minimizing business disruption.

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In Great Britain, around four million households do not use mains gas for heating, according to Ofgem. Just over half of all non-gas households use electricity as their primary heating source.

If you don’t require a gas tariff for your home, you can search for separate electricity-only tariffs. When you compare energy prices with Uswitch, we’ll ask if you use gas in your home. If you answer no, we’ll show you electricity-only tariffs that could save you money.

If you use both gas and electricity but want to compare tariffs from different suppliers, you can choose to see these separately by choosing ‘show me electricity plans’ on your results page.

Compare gas only2021-09-20T11:53:12+00:00

While most households use electricity and will require both an electricity and gas plan, you can also choose to have separate suppliers or tariffs for each fuel.

There are a number of gas-only suppliers and many standard energy suppliers also offer separate gas-only tariffs.

If you’d like to compare gas tariffs with Energy tariffs, simply run an energy comparison and select ‘show me gas-only plans’ on your results page. You’ll be able to easily compare gas-only plans and dual-fuel tariffs to see which is the best energy deal for you.

Can I switch to the same energy supplier?2021-09-20T11:51:57+00:00

If you don’t want to switch energy suppliers, you still might be able to find a cheap gas and electricity deal with an energy tariff. If you haven’t switched energy before it’s likely that you’re on your provider’s standard variable or default tariff, which is typically the most expensive type of plan on offer. You can use an energy tariff to switch to a cheaper energy deal from your current provider if you’re happy with the service but want to save on your energy bills.

What if the cheapest energy supplier is one I haven’t heard of?2021-09-20T11:50:23+00:00

We only work with trusted energy suppliers and run a yearly customer satisfaction report so you can see how each supplier performs in a wide range of categories from customer service to value for money, green services to smart meter installation. Click on ‘plan info’ in your energy comparison results and we’ll show you the supplier’s star rating based on real customer reviews. You can also learn more about each of the suppliers we work with here.

Which is the best energy supplier?2021-09-20T11:49:32+00:00

The best gas and electricity supplier for you won’t necessarily be the cheapest. You can use Uswitch to filter by what’s important to you, whether that’s a large supplier or one that offers green energy plans.

We also know customer service is important, so we’ve assigned each supplier star ratings based on our energy customer satisfaction report to help you compare energy suppliers, from the well-known ‘big six’ to the smaller suppliers you might not be so familiar with.

Which is the cheapest energy supplier?2021-09-20T11:48:54+00:00

The cheapest energy supplier for someone else isn’t necessarily the cheapest for you. That’s why we compare energy suppliers tailored to you to get the best energy deals.

Energy suppliers vary their pricing by region and your bill will also depend on your usage. Different energy suppliers also target different types of household, so some might offer their cheapest gas and electricity deal to a family home with high usage, while someone living alone with low usage might find a cheap energy deal with a different supplier.

Won’t the price cap cut my energy bills?2021-09-20T11:48:19+00:00

Ofgem’s Default Tariff Cap, better known as the energy price cap, sets a maximum rate that suppliers can charge for their standard variable or default tariffs. While this price cap currently stops suppliers charging more than £1,277 on average for standard variable tariffs, these are typically the most expensive type of tariffs and prices can rise when the cap is reviewed twice a year. When the price cap was previously changed in October 2020, the cheapest fixed tariff at that time was more than £200 cheaper than the price cap level. Find out more about the energy price cap in our guide.

When is the best time to switch energy supplier?2021-09-20T11:47:26+00:00

If you’re on your supplier’s standard or default tariff, now’s the time to switch energy. If you’re on one of these plans it’s very likely that you can get a cheaper energy deal by switching to a fixed plan. If you’re already on a fixed deal, you might want to wait until you can switch without having to pay any exit fees. This is normally around 49 days before your contract comes to an end. To maximise your savings, it’s a good habit to switch every time your fixed plan is due to end. Not sure when your plan ends? Compare energy prices with us and we’ll let you know if you can switch without exit fees.

How can I get a cheap gas and electricity deal?2021-09-20T11:46:58+00:00

To find the cheapest gas and electricity deals you’ll need to shop around once your fixed plan has ended. After your plan’s end date you’ll likely be rolled onto a standard tariff, which is the most expensive type of plan.

If you’ve never switched or haven’t done so for a while, it’s likely you can find a cheaper energy deal in minutes with Uswitch. Simply enter a few details and search for a cheap energy deal.

Energy Tariff

You might not even need to switch away from your supplier to find a cheap energy tariff. Check to see if your current supplier has a cheap gas and electricity deal on offer — the cheapest energy supplier for you could be the one you’re already with.

Why are my energy bills so high?2021-09-20T11:45:42+00:00

Your gas and electricity bills are largely dependent on usage, but there are other reasons your bills might have gone up recently:

1. Your fixed price plan ended

A fixed price energy plan protects against price rises. These plans do end though, and when they do you get automatically rolled on to a new plan with different rates. This is often a standard variable tariff or default tariff, the most expensive type of energy plan on offer.

2. Your energy supplier has raised prices

If you’re on a standard variable or default tariff, your energy supplier can raise their gas and electricity prices at any time.

3. Your bills are based on estimated meter readings

Check that your bill is based on actual readings of your gas and electricity meters rather than estimated ones. It’s important to take your own readings so that you get charged accurately. Or consider getting a smart meter, which provides real-time meter readings and can help you monitor your energy usage — you can request one from your supplier or switch to a smart meter tariff.

Which energy company has the cheapest tariff?2021-08-22T15:06:42+00:00

Which is the cheapest electricity supplier? The cost of electricity tariffs can vary from supplier to supplier and month to month. In general, the cheapest electricity suppliers are British Gas Lite, Energy Tariff. However, it’s important to check all the deals currently available before you switch.

What is a good price for energy?2021-08-22T15:03:27+00:00

The average electricity rate is 13.19 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). The average price a residential customer in the United States pays for electricity is 13.31 cents per kWh.

What is a standing rate?2021-08-21T08:34:17+00:00

A standing charge is a fixed cost that remains the same regardless of the amount of energy you consume.

A standing charge is used to cover the costs that your energy provider incurs supplying you gas and electricity, for things such as: Keeping your house connected to the UK energy network.

How do I find my MPAN?2021-08-21T08:31:51+00:00

Where can I find my electricity MPAN? Your MPAN is on your electricity or dual fuel bill, usually in a box marked ‘Supply Number’. It’s 21 digits long and begins with ‘S’. You’ll only need the last 12 or 13 digits

Who is the cheapest energy Supplier in the UK 2021?2021-08-21T08:20:20+00:00

Cheapest energy Supplier in the UK.

  1. SSE
  2. British Gas Lite
  3. Gazprom
  4. Edf Energy
  5. Eon Energy
  6. Delta Gas and Power
  7. Total Gas and Power
  8. Scottish Power
  9. Utilitia energy
  10. OPUS Energy

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