Terms & Conditions

Saving Tariff Ltd T/a Energy Tariff terms and conditions are outlined in the following document. Here are the terms that apply when a customer uses Energy Tariffs switching service.


Comparison of Prices/ Switching Services

Energy Tariffs provides a price comparison/switching service to UK businesses. You must be eligible to use this service;

  1. Having a UK resident business;
  2. If you are a sole trader, you must be at least 18 years old;
  3. Ensure you meet the credit scoring requirements of any suppliers (if any are applicable)

We secure the right to refuse to deliver our services to any customer at our discretion.

If the client agrees to use our services, Energy Tariffs will use its reasonable initiatives to specify, negotiate and secure competitive energy prices. Energy prices are received from a panel of energy suppliers utilising price books provided by suppliers.

To obtain quotations, the customer agrees to provide Energy Tariffs with accurate information. Price and quotations are influenced by factors such as energy usage, contract expiration date, and other known factors.

A quote provided by a supplier through Energy Tariffs does not constitute an offer to the client. Every offer will have its own terms and obligations attached to it.

The contract is binding when a proposal is accepted by a client and a contract is signed between them. In such cases, the customer will not be able to revoke the acceptance.

If the supplier refuses to accept a customer’s acceptance offer, they shall have the right to do so at their sole discretion.

In the event that a negative event occurs regarding the transfer of supply or renewal of supply by either the consumer or Energy Tariffs, Energy Tariffs will not be accountable for the delay or failure caused by either the consumer, Energy Tariffs, the proposed supplier, or the current supplier.

In addition, Energy Tariffs does not guarantee the quality or price of the services provided by the service providers. However, energy prices fluctuate everyday and whilst we try to help secure competitive rates to enable switching or renewal, we cannot assure any quote is the cheapest.

All quotations presented to clients must be validated for accuracy by them. Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the contract(s) have been submitted to the supplier. A switch/renewal is usually confirmed by receiving/accepting communication from the new or old supplier.

The client confesses that they are entering into a contract with a supplier for the provision of energy supply and not with Energy Tariffs. The client agrees that Energy Tariffs is not responsible in any way for any dealings, contracts or transactions between the client and the supplier and that any such transactions, contracts, dealings or payment obligations are the customers’ responsibility and risk.

Energy Tariffs is an independent energy brokerage that the customer accepts by using the service. Energy Tariffs are not instructed by the customer to act as their agent or representative.

Energy Tariffs is not responsible for any supplier services provided to the customer.

Cost Charge:


For securing and finalising the contract between the customer and the energy supplier, Energy Tariffs is directly paid off by the suppliers. A unit price uplift is usually applied to your energy cost. Therefore, Energy Tarrifs’s service is included in the supplier’s energy contract price.

Suppose we secure an electricity price of 16 pence per kilowatt hour and add 0.9p to it. We would then offer 16.9p as the contracted price. 0.9p multiplied by your annual energy consumption and multiplied by the contract term would be the commission we charge.

Uplifts are determined by a number of factors, including the size and length of the contract, as well as credit risks. The average uplift we provide is just a few percent of your total energy costs and under one penny.

Since we get paid by suppliers, we only offer prices from those suppliers. With over 90% of UK business energy suppliers on our panel (based on customer numbers), we have an extensive range of quotes to select from.

In order to find out how much commission we expect to receive on a contract, please contact our customer service department.

Duplicate Contract Fees


Customers who use the Energy Tariffs service and enter into a contract with suppliers must accept this contract as legally binding. The provider will not pay Energy Tariffs for its services, and Energy Tariffs will also have incurred time and loss if the customer enters into another contract with another supplier.

Upon notification of a failed contract, Energy Tariffs reserves the right to charge the customer £300 per meter, or the total amount of commission we would have earned on the introduction of the contract (per meter). Furthermore, the supplier may also attempt to recover charges for the failed contract. It is critical that once you have entered into a contract with a supplier that you honor that contract and do not enter into duplicate contracts with other suppliers.

Fees and Notifications for Changes of Tenancy:

When a customer enters into an energy contract through Energy Tariffs but decides to move premises mid-contract the contract will terminate, it is known as “change of tenancy” or “COT”.

COTs are adjusted by the supplier for Energy Tarrifs’s fees. Therefore, you should notify Energy Tariffs if you plan to move premises and will experience a COT no less than 14 days before your energy contract expires.

When the Energy Tariffs fails to inform the supplier, we will incur a fee for the loss/reduction in commission. Then, Energy Tariffs will charge the customer a one-time “failed contract” the total value of commission we would have earned on the contract introduction (per meter), whichever is higher. The Energy Tariffs will subtract from the failed contract fee the amount of the contract that has been fulfilled.


Failure to Run Live:

Energy Tariffs reserves the right to charge one of fee. if a contract fails to run live (commence supply), as a result of the consumer failing to provide us with documentation or information requested by us or the supplier or if a supplier/supplier refuses to accept a supply.

However, information required, but not limited to includes – signed letters of authority, current supplier information, start or end dates of contract, meter numbers, termination notifications, supplier ceasing to trade / onboarding contracts, and banking details including setting up direct debits or standing orders with a new supplier.


Auto Renew:

Our Auto Renewal terms and conditions also apply and are binding if you have delegated authority (DA) to us to renew your energy contract for you.

If you have any further questions about these terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Services team, we will be more than happy to help you further. Our Customer Services team can be contacted on 0141 628 9443