Which utility sectors does Energy Tariff specialize in?

We work with both large businesses and small businesses, subsequently, we have regular clients that range from pubs and takeaways to care homes and factories/manufacturing. Our utility consultants have experience across all sectors and can advise you on today’s market conditions, suitable for your commercial premises.

Energy and utility suppliers have different tariffs that are suited to different-sized companies. It’s imperative that you select the right gaselectricitywater, or telecoms tariff that’s suited best for you.

What is letter of authority and why do you need that?

A letter of authority is a document that gives us the right to correspond with energy suppliers on your behalf.Sometimes we need a letter of authority (LOA) for some contracts to collate, consumption and contractual information before we are able to provide any prices. A signed letter of authority does not give us the ability to sign contracts on your behalf or lock you into any contracts.It does not obligate you in any way.

Can I get cheap business utility deals?

Business utilities prices are continuously changing and generally with an upwards curve. When comparing to 2016, utility prices have risen around 15% across the board. Utilizing a utility broker that has access to the best, live prices, will help you save money for your business. Finding the most competitive business utility deal can result in some companies signing contracts with suppliers that can cause them issues in the future. Subsequently, the cheap offer no longer is cheap! Accessing a broker’s knowledge of the sector will help ensure that your business utilities are tied in safely.

Can I still get a good deal if my business has bad credit?

Yes it’s possible – Some mainstream energy supplies may offer inflated rates or turn you away altogether.So it’s still possible to find a favourable deal for your commercial energy despite your adverse credit. There are some suppliers who specialise in customers with credit issues.

I’ve received the renewal offer from current supplier, what should i do?

Check the prices available from us and compare them to your renewal offer. 99% of the time, our prices will be more competitive than your renewal offer – ensure you write to your supplier rejecting the offer.

Why should I use Energy Tariff  for my business utilities?

Most of our customers tell us that time is a precious commodity and running their business provides challenges. Researching, negotiating, and agreeing on the best utility contracts with suppliers takes a lot of time and considerable effort. At Energy tariff, the breadth and depth of our research mean we can analyze the utility market for competitive prices. Our “Premier” status and strong relationships provide us with access to bespoke utility offers and savings that might not be available otherwise.

Why do you need to see a copy of my bill?

Your business electricity or gas bill shows us a unique meter reference number (10 digit ‘MPR’ for business gas or a 21 digit ‘MPAN’ for business electricity) which tell us what kind of meter you have, which supply area you are in.It ensures that we quote you the correct energy prices.

Should I not go directly to an energy supplier?

You may feel that going directly to an energy supplier cuts out the ‘middleman’, but in the case of energy procurement, this doesn’t actually benefit your business.As specialised intermediaries, we will likely be able to procure better rates that are better suited to your requirements. And, if you have any issues. We receive rates which are often not available to the public.We negotiate some rates which are exclusive_especially for larger contracts

How long will it take to switch supplier?

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to switch suppliers and we will oversee the whole process on your behalf. Rest assured, your supply cannot be cut-off as a result of switching! We will keep you up to date at each stage,we will also be there for you throughout the term of the contract and, significantly, offer you a renewal reminder to ensure that you always have the freedom to choose the cheapest electricity / gas option at the end date.

Best business rates for utilities?

Average Business electricity prices and business gas prices in the UK have risen dramatically over the past 5 years. Subsequently, more and more businesses are utilising the help of brokers to find the best business utility suppliers and rates.

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