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Understanding the Factors Behind High Business Energy Costs

Energy Tariff is a leading energy consultancy that helps UK Business energy to achieve improved energy outcomes.

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Numerous factors motivate individuals to consider switching providers. A primary motivation is financial savings, which is typically a top concern for many. Remaining with the same business energy provider isn’t always the most beneficial financially. Below are three compelling reasons why a multitude of businesses utilize energy tariffs to compare and switch their business energy providers:

Avoid Expensive Out-of-Contract Rates

  • Protection from Surging Costs: You may be subject to exorbitant rates if your contract has ended. Loyalty doesn’t guarantee the best financial outcome. Making a switch could reduce your monthly expenses. Alternatively, if you’re hesitant to change providers, Energy tariff can negotiate on your behalf with your current supplier to alleviate the burden.

Secure Lower Rates for Extended Durations

  • Tailored Financial Planning: Energy tariff’s strategy extends beyond just finding the lowest prices; it’s about understanding your business’s specific needs. At times, securing a lower rate for a more extended period is the wiser choice. This strategy ensures financial stability over time in a market that’s often volatile, allowing you to focus on your business without worry.

Reliable Energy Suppliers

  • Stable Supply Assurance: The disruption caused by an business energy supplier’s failure is a scenario no business owner wants to face. Energy tariff collaborates with a selection of reputable suppliers known for their consistent and reliable services, as well as competitive rates. Energy tariff handles the administrative tasks, freeing you to concentrate on your business energy operations.

energy tariffs suppliers do we compare?

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Start a business energy comparison with just your postcode. We use secure smart data to find the details we need to run your quote.

We’ll do the comparison for you

Once we know more about the needs of your business, we’ll compare quotes and exclusive deals from our panel of trusted UK suppliers.

We’ll talk you through the quotes

One of our experts will explain the quotes on screen and answer any questions. You choose the best deal and we’ll handle the rest.

What are the latest business energy tariffs

When looking for the best business energy tariffs, it’s worth knowing what rates similar-sized businesses are paying for their gas and electricity.

To find out what the average business gas & business electricity prices per kWh are in 2024, check out the table below:

compare business energy Latest gas rates in 2024

Business size Gas unit price per kWh Gas daily standing charge
Micro Business 9.8p 53.1p
Small Business 9.1p 65.7p
Medium Business 8.7p 111.8p
Large Business 8.5p 121.1p

compare business energy Latest electricity rates in 2024

Business size Electricity unit price per kWh Electricity daily standing charge
Micro Business 29.9p 63.7p
Small Business 29.3p 84.9p
Medium Business 28.7p 85.8p
Large Business 28.9p 84.2p

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Why use Energy Tariffs to Compare energy prices.

Energy Tariffs is the most popular compare energy prices site in the UK and we’ve helped more than five million people switch their energy tariffs.

It only takes a few minutes to find your cheapest energy tariff with Energy Tariff.
Our Partners take the stress out of providing you Guaranteed Savings and you’ll pay less when you switch your energy, broadband and mobile.

Under the Energy Switch Guarantee, you’ll be switched to your new cheap energy deal within 21 days.

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Switching business energy tariffs is a critical consideration for companies aiming to streamline their operational costs and enhance efficiency. By actively engaging in the process of evaluating and changing energy tariffs, businesses can uncover opportunities to access more competitive energy tariffs that align with their specific energy usage and needs. This frequent reassessment and switching of energy tariffs can lead to substantial financial savings, allowing companies to allocate resources more effectively elsewhere within their operations.

Moreover, staying abreast of the latest energy tariffs enables businesses to benefit from innovative energy solutions and tariffs that may offer greener, more sustainable energy options. The agility to adapt to new and potentially lower-cost energy tariffs ensures that businesses are not inadvertently overspending on energy. In essence, making informed decisions about when to switch energy tariffs—ideally, considering this action multiple times throughout the contract duration—empowers businesses to optimize their energy expenditures, contributing to their overall financial health and sustainability goals.

Who are the big six energy suppliers?

The six largest energy suppliers in the market, Centrica (British Gas’ parent company), EDF, Eon, Npower, ScottishPower, and SSE, are collectively known as the ‘big six’. While the presence of challenger brands is growing, the big six still have the lion’s share of the market. This is partly because they carry more of an air of reliability than other options when it comes to switching suppliers. But, despite their status, there is no guarantee that the biggest of the bunch is the best choice for your business energy tariffs.

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